24 April 2018

A Day in the Life of an Inbound Marketing Executive


The Digital Marketing team’s remit is vast. We work with a whole range of clients from the private and public sectors, offering a multitude of services from SEO to paid media, analytics to content marketing. My role as Inbound Marketing Executive is somewhat different, though. While I do often work with clients on content and email marketing campaigns and audits, my main “client” is Storm ID itself. I work with our Digital Content Manager, Donna, and Head of Digital Marketing, John, to market Storm to the world.

This means that I wear a few different hats. Sometimes, I’m taking part in workshops to map out buyer personas and create content offers and buyers journeys to capture new clients. Other days, I work on client projects. In amongst all that, I’m running the company’s social media accounts and creating blog content to share across those channels. It’s a balancing act; ensuring Storm’s message is reaching those who want to hear it, and keeping on top of any client work that crosses my desk. I enjoy the challenge, though.

a day in the life of an inbound marketing executive at storm id


One of the biggest perks for me about working at Storm ID is the flexitime, so I spend a little more time on my morning routine at home before heading into work (and I’ll stay later to make up for the time I missed that morning).

My first port of call every morning is HubSpot. As a HubSpot Partner Agency, we run our social media channels, among other things, through the HubSpot platform. I catch up on the latest social monitoring, reply to any Tweets or comments left on posts, and set about scheduling the day’s Tweets. We share a lot of our blog content across social media, and it is my job to ensure our feeds stay fresh and interesting, so I’ll check for trending topics and news stories that we might be able to join in with.

GDPR is a huge consideration for the marketing team now. We are working with our Director of Operations to ensure all of our forms include explicit opt-in tick boxes. I’m copywriting for the opt-in messaging, so I take another quick look over it before sharing it with the team. It is a lot of planning and a lot of work, but we’re getting there!


There’s a large piece of work I’m helping with for a big client of ours. I’ve spent the last few weeks auditing their digital channels – social media accounts, email newsletters and blogs. Quantitative data analysis for days. Projects like this are great because I get to put my knowledge into practice and learn a load of new functions and formulae on Excel.


I check my email again and have a quick chat with Donna about our own blog content. We plan some blog posts for the next few weeks to keep on top of things and I add another blog post to my To-Do list on Trello. Trello is my favourite tool I use day-to-day, apart from the Monitoring tool in HubSpot. I check that too, and fire off a couple more tweets with interesting articles that have been shared by some colleagues in Slack channels, which I think our followers would enjoy.


It’s lunchtime! I’m a sucker for a fresh salad, so I head across the road to Rocksalt and order a veggie platter, then settle in the Breakout Area in the office to eat it. A bunch of us eat together daily, and most Fridays we go out to one of the local restaurants as a pre-weekend celebration. We’re really lucky to have so much choice so close to the office, but our firm favourites have to be Teuchters Landing and Nobles.


I check my email again and sort my To-Do list for the afternoon in my calendar. It’s going to be an afternoon of blog writing and HubSpot certifications, which always helps the afternoon fly by.

I’m currently working on the Content Marketing certification because, as I am working with more clients, I find it really useful to brush up on best practices and research techniques.


An email comes in with another finished blog post that’s ready to be published, so I transfer it to WordPress, optimise it for a specific keyword which has already been highlighted for me and insert some images. It only takes about 20 minutes to do this, and then it’s published. I’ll set up the social promotion for it tomorrow, when I’ve had a chance to resize images for the different platforms.


I check the various Trello boards I have tasks on and move cards around to reflect the Done tasks and the Still To Dos. My own To Do list is getting shorter, which is great! I check in on the social media channels again, and like comments left on our latest Instagram posts. We’re lucky to have some great photographers in the office, so we’re never short of images to share.


A quick tidy of the desk and I’m about ready to call it a day. Once the last emails of the day have been read and prioritised for the morning, I can head home!

My daily tasks are varied, but the constant change keeps it fresh and interesting. I’m able to dedicate time to learning more – I’ve only been in the industry for a year – and work with huge organisations to improve their digital landscape.

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