15 May 2017

How to Build a Twitter Following


How do you grow your Twitter following fast?

Maybe you’re looking to build a Twitter following from scratch. Maybe you already have followers on Twitter but they numbers just sit stagnantly, not growing quickly at all. You want to grow that Twitter following quickly! But how long does it take? How can you speed it up? How do the stars build such a huge numbers of followers on Twitter?

We’re looking here at tips to grow a Twitter following for business, but whether your Twitter account is for business, or whether it is a personal Twitter account, these tips should help get you off the ground. Read on to learn how to grow your Twitter following organically!

What Katy Perry And Her Friends Can Teach Us About Getting Twitter Followers

Building a strong Twitter following is often at the top of a lot of content marketer’s to-do lists. It makes sense – you want your lovingly crafted content to be seen by as many people as possible. It may seem like a good idea to copy take inspiration from accounts that have the biggest audiences out there, but when it comes to building massive Twitter followings, big-name celebrities do have a bit of an unfair advantage. Name recognition alone scores major points when trying to get follows but some good tips can definitely be gleaned from celebrity strategies. On the other hand, mimic the wrong strategy and you might find yourself in a whole mess of trouble. Here’s what we can take away from some of the most followed accounts on Twitter:

Kim Kardashian, #13 most followed Twitter account

kim kardashian twitter selfie

Stay on Brand

Kim Kardashian is a selfie queen. We know it, she knows it, and I wouldn’t be surprised if your Grandma knew it too. While endless selfies from your sort-of friends on Instagram may start to grate after a while, a classic Kim selfie is always welcome by her adoring fans. In fact, it’s expected and she’s delivering it with aplomb. So if you’re known for something, keep on doing it. Give the people what they want!

But don’t just talk about yourself

Selfies work for Kim because it’s what Kim fans want. Unless you or your company are an integral part of the glitterati, don’t focus your entire account on self-adulation.

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Katy Perry, #1 most followed Twitter account

katy perry twitter post

Use hashtags

Good hashtag usage is integral to a strong Twitter strategy. They let you join in conversations, create ones of your own, and easily interact with your audience. In the run-up to the release of her latest single, Katy Perry absolutely plastered her hashtag #ChainedToTheRhythm across her posts, along with sneak peaks of the video and beautifully stylized photos. And because the hashtag is the name of the song, it will have staying power long after the pre-launch campaign.

But keep hashtags short and engaging

Hashtags should be short enough to type easily and also be the type of hashtag people want to engage with. Katy used a hashtag based on the name of her single, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you should use hashtags based on the name of your product. And think carefully before using a quippy or obscure campaign slogan for your hashtags. Are people really going to use it? Are they even going to understand it? Use ritetag.com to research hashtags before you post to make sure you make the most of your limited Twitter real estate.

Conan O’Brien, #57 most followed Twitter account

conan o'brien twitter post

Be Entertaining

Conan O’Brien knocks out one liners time after time on his wildly popular Twitter feed. They’re witty and surprising. It’s no wonder he’s got one of the top 100 Twitter accounts! People want funny, interesting, delightful things to read. Aim to be those things.

But watch your tone

If you’re not known for tweeting jokes, be careful throwing one out there. It could easily be misread and there’s the potential for negative backlash. It’s pretty clear Conan hasn’t actually been driving while wearing a VR headset, but if you’re tweeting from a corporate account, sarcasm could be easily misread. Either keep your tone consistent or be very clear when it changes.

Kanye West, #43 most followed Twitter account

Kanye West twitter post

Share what you like

Kanye West doesn’t seem to like a lot of things. He follows one person on Twitter (his wife) and has liked 1 tweet since 2010. But he does like McDonalds and there’s no shame in calling out the brands you like. Sharing your favourite things makes you more relatable and can give your brand personality and a sense of friendliness. So if you really like something, let people know. Just because you can’t talk about yourself constantly doesn’t mean you can’t talk about other businesses or people. Spread the love.

But actually engage

If you’re going to talk about other people and businesses, actually tweet them! Kanye misses a huge trick by not including a simple @. You’re certainly not guaranteed a conversation every time but you never know when an industry thought leader or major company might reply.

Donald Trump, #44 most followed Twitter account

donald trump twitter post

Stir the pot

Being a little controversial is interesting. Does your business have a strong, consistent stance on a topic? Let people know. You’re almost guaranteed backlash when you willingly post on controversial issues, but if it fits in with your brand identity, you should absolutely go for it.

But don’t be crazy

Being controversial is one thing, but being crazy is another. Don’t fly off the handle or use Twitter to channel your inner rage. Sure, you’ll get followers, but they’ll be the wrong kind. It’s hard to not stop and stare at a car crash, and crazy tweets are more likely to earn rubberneckers and critics than true fans.

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