16 February 2017

The Four Secret Characteristics of High Converting Online Ads


So you’re designing display ads and running paid search advertising campaigns, but can’t help feeling that they should be delivering better results. Click-through rates are dismal, and don’t even mention the desolate landing page. It’s true, the most obvious detail can trip up an otherwise great marketing effort.

What can you do to improve both CVR and CTR of your online ads, though?

Let us introduce you to the four (now not so much) secret characteristics of high converting online ads turning abandoned landing pages into a marketing campaign that’s worth getting the champagne out for.

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Visual Appeal

Information is moving at an incredible pace these days. As soon as people wake up, they’re flooded with information from employers, marketers, friends, brands, social media – the list goes on. This makes it difficult to capture the attention of your audience, as they navigate the various channels of communication sprouting up everywhere.

According to Hubspot, when people consume information by reading, they’re likely to remember only 10% of it three days later. If, however, relevant imagery is paired with that same information, people retain up to 65% over the same period.

A lead-generating ad will stand out from the rest with fresh, relevant and informative design elements that hook your audience. But how do you go about choosing images, fonts and styles that stand out from the rest?

The best piece of advice is to test different ad designs. Even if you’ve been creating ads for your target audience for years, you should still be designing a few different versions of your ads and testing their effectiveness on your target audience. Remember that customer attention spans are short. They demand value upfront before giving you their undivided attention. So don’t get stuck in a rut with your ad visuals. Keep evolving them and tweak where necessary.

High Relevance

The copy in your ad should be laser-focused for each buyer persona. The benefits you include should directly address their goals, aspirations and pain points. Use your metrics to inform your campaign of what’s relevant to your personas right now. Facebook, much like Google keyword relevance policy, has applied relevance scores to display ads, in a drive to ensure viewers receive more contextual marketing messaging.

Companies looking to programmatic ad campaigns are making smarter ad buying decisions and providing more personalized messaging to their customers, making a strong argument for data-driven campaigns.

A Great Value Proposition

Fear is one of the biggest influencers on a customer’s decision to buy or not to buy. Businesses are afraid to waste money on products or services that don’t serve their objectives and buying cycles can complicate things further.

Your value proposition has to go straight to the heart of what makes your persona say, “No, thanks. I’m just browsing” and turn it around to, “Yeah, I’d like to hear more about your product.” Use assets, such as social proof from existing customers, to turn a hesitant lead into an inquisitive one. Make your audience know they’re missing out on a company that’s going places.

A Compelling Call to Action

According to HubSpot, personalised calls to action convert 42% better. A personalised call to action can be as technologically advanced as eBay ads of products you’ve viewed showing up in your social media stream to simply understanding where your prospect is in their buyer cycle and tailoring the call to action to meet them where they are.

While a great CTA won’t make your ad look better, it drives a person to complete an action that they are already considering. It also reduces the amount of friction they experience when making a decision about where to click or what to do on your landing page. Finally, it can greatly improve your click-through and conversion rates.

At StormID, we can help you reach your target audience through compelling (but not intrusive) adverts. We offer comprehensive display advertising services and paid search campaign management where we plan, implement, monitor and optimise your advertising strategies across various platforms such as Google AdWords, Facebook, and countless display networks.

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