19 January 2017

Improve Landing Page Conversion Rates – Ralph Wiggum’s Unpossibly Good Guide


Simpson’s character Ralph Wiggum is not a genius, let alone a marketing genius; however, his simple thoughts speak to us all. In every grammatically incorrect utterance, there lies a kernel of inherent truth, sometimes so profound that we can’t help but continue to honour it thirty years later.


Okay, so maybe not everything he says is deeper than an ocean trench (Example: “I found a moon rock in my nose”). But there are some valuable insights to be gleaned from Ralph, especially in regards to getting your audience to take action on your site. Getting people to your site can be tricky enough, but the real chore comes when it’s time to convert.

This conversion may be the first step in a funnel that’s likely to take several months or it could be buying an actual product. In both cases you have an interested audience on your site and they are ready to do something.

These guidelines will help keep your audience focused on the conversion path ahead, reducing any friction that could cause problems along the way. Following Ralph’s advice, you’ll be able to improve landing page conversion rates in no time.

Optimise your calls to action

“That’s where I saw the leprechaun. He told me to burn things.”

You’re trying to get your audience to take action so be clear about the action you want them to take. Ralph doesn’t have to second guess what that leprechaun was trying to get across. The leprechaun didn’t say “fire” or “flames on things”. Ralph knows exactly what the leprechaun wants him to do: burn things. Be just as direct in your calls to action. A button that says “Schedule a free consultation” is much more enticing than a button that just says “Contact”. A landing page is no place to be vague.

Guideline: Use clear verbs in your calls to action so the audience knows exactly what’s going to happen.

“Fireworks make my ears yell”

As Ralph suggests, you can’t ignore a firework. It’s a giant rainbow explosion in the sky, after all. Your calls to action need to be just as obvious and interesting. Don’t make your audience go looking for where to click next; this is a surefire way to see your conversion rates plummet. The click on a call to action should feel intuitive and compulsive; you can’t help but look and see where it takes you.

Guideline: When it comes to your call to action, grab your audience’s attention with contrasting colours and a prominent page placement.

Tidy up your landing pages

“I glued my head to my shoulder”

Instructions can be confusing sometimes. The same is equally true for extensive website navigation. The last thing you want is for your audience to get all the way to your landing page and then get confused about where to go next or distractedly click off to another part of your site. Don’t let potential leads get lost right at the point where they’re most likely to take action.

Guideline: Remove extraneous navigation on the landing page to keep the audience focused on the goal.

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“I heard your dad:
1.) Went into the restaurant and
2.) Ate everything in the restaurant and
3.) They had to close the restaurant”

Ok, so I may have helped Ralph with my formatting choice here. The point is that information is much easier to digest if it’s not an endless wall of text. If you have three things to say about what you heard about Bart’s dad, put it in a numbered list. If you have three things to say about why your product or service is better than everyone else’s, you should do the same thing.

Guideline: Make text digestible with bullets and lists.


“Fun toys are fun!”

Sometimes the simplest statement can hold the most weight. Never forget that toys are fun and no one likes being bored. The best way to beat boredom (without letting your audience get lost or distracted) is relevant media. Do you have a great image or video about your product or offer that your audience would just love? Use it on your landing page!

Guideline: Include interesting and relevant media

“My cat’s breath smells like cat food.”

Ralph knows there’s a time to be poetic and a time to be straightforward. There’s even a time the obvious needs stating. You may be very familiar with your business’ product offering, but remember not everyone is. When trying to convert your audience, you have to make sure they not only understand exactly what your offer is, but why it’s a good idea. Be direct. Be explicit. Be clear.

Guideline: Be explicit and clear about what you’re offering and why it’s a good idea.

Never stop testing

“The doctor said I wouldn’t have so many nosebleeds if I just kept my finger outta there”

It took a bit of nose-picking self-control, but Ralph now understands the power of the scientific method. Create a hypothesis, test a single variable, and assess the results. If you’re not testing variables and analysing your results, you’ll be extremely unlikely to see a sudden improvement in conversion rate. If you’re wondering what to test, the answer is almost everything. But to get you started, focus on: calls to action wording and design, landing page headlines, form fields, and the benefits of your offer. Just don’t test all of them at once!

Guideline: Test, analyse results and keep improving.

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