7 September 2012

Boost Fans & Get Leads With A Facebook Data Collection App!


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The Brief

People’s Postcode Lottery set Storm ID the challenge of creating an engaging Facebook competition app that would grow their already strong Facebook following, as well as generate quality leads for the renowned lottery organisation.

Campaign Criteria

Social apps happen to be a strong point for Storm ID. The fundamentals to creating a successful data collection app consist of:

  • Like-gating the application
  • Implementing a social media CMS system to manage and update content
  • Creating a database to collate and store all of the entrants details
  • Include sharing functionality to increase virality

The People’s Postcode Lottery competition, coined Take 5, gave entrants the opportunity to win one of five possible prizes. On selection of a lucky winner, they would then get to choose four of their friends to share their prize with.

people's postcode lottery take 5 competition facebook app

Social sharing was a fundamental part of this campaign. With so many application invites clogging up Facebook notifications, Storm ID wanted to make the sharing experience much more targeted and, more importantly, non-intrusive.

Upon entering the user could then send a tailored invitation to four of their friends to encourage them to enter as well (with the incentive that if more of their friends entered – it would increase their chances of someone they know winning and getting a share of the prize).

PPL facebook app

The Face book App Results

The Take 5 competition ran throughout the month of August until the 7th September 2012, with impressive results. Facebook fans increased by a whopping 66% in just one month and generated over 990 shares! Throughout the time of the campaign, over 16,500 Facebook users engaged with the People’s Postcode Lottery app.

Maria McMahon, Social Media Manager at People’s Postcode Lottery, is delighted with the results:

“The Take5 Facebook competition app, built by Storm ID, has really met and exceeded our expectations.

The Like-gated competition offered 5 different “fun day out” prizes, matched to the interests of the groups targeted by our ads. Importantly, the prizes were designed for the winner to share with their friends and family. Thus, each prize was designed to include 5 people.

The app was also designed with sharing in mind, enabling each user to easily select their Facebook contacts and invite them to enter the competition as well. By inviting the friends they wanted to bring with them on their day out, users increased their own chances of winning – and also increased the virality of the competition.

We’re very pleased with the success of the Take5 competition app on Facebook. Since its launch in early August, we have seen our Facebook fan numbers rise by more than 6,000 fans and have acquired over 1,000 warm leads.





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