Facebook Positioning Itself to Take on YouTube?

Could Facebook be Positioning Itself to Take on YouTube as a Video Sharing Hub? Facebook is getting ever closer to offering brands the opportunity to deliver video ads to its huge 1 billion plus user base, but progress has been slow and the move may be accompanied by a wider change in strategy for video […]

We’re Hiring: Web Developer, starting in the Support Team

Storm ID is looking for a Web Developer specialising in Microsoft technologies who will work for 12 months in the support team, before moving into the Web Development team. We need a resourceful and experienced web developer able to work with the latest tools and technologies on a wide variety of projects. If the web […]

We’re Hiring: Digital Designer

Storm ID is a top digital agency in Edinburgh and we’re on the lookout for a talented Digital Designer to join our Creative Team. If you’re interested say, hello@stormid.com [BTW, we have other jobs] About Storm ID Working with big names and creating web and mobile applications, Storm ID is on the lookout for a […]

Storm is hiring in a BIG way

Storm ID are expanding some of their key service areas and are looking for new talent. If you are interested in any of these roles – don’t call your agent, say hello to us: hello@stormid.com   About Storm At Storm ID you will get early use of new technologies in the company of talented programmers […]

Glasgow Loves Christmas All Wrapped Up

With the festive season quickly becoming little more than a fading memory of awful yuletide knitwear, it’s not just time to start packing away the yards of tinsel but also all those Santa-specific campaigns we’ve been working on. For us, 2011 was the year of Glasgow Loves Christmas – an event-based sub brand of Glasgow […]

The Wisdom of SoLoMo

How social media, location services and mobile access are revolutionising bricks and mortar business. SoLoMo – not an ancient Middle Eastern king with untold wisdom and a penchant for threatening to cleave babies in two, but the acronym now increasingly bandied about as shorthand for social media, location and mobile. Yesterday, part of our Digital […]

JavaScript Goodness

A roundup of interesting JavaScript tips and resources, mostly via the last few editions of the excellent JavaScript Weekly newsletter which I’ve just finished catching up on. Hello Backbone.js A short but useful introduction into Backbone.js, the JavaScript MVC framework. The 11 JavaScript Mistakes you’re Making Yeah, a list post, but it does cover a […]

What a week in search!

For those of you of a nervous disposition, now might be the time to make sure you are sitting down. Apparently, SEO is dead. Snuffed it. Shuffled off this mortal coil. Bereft of life, it has gone to meet its maker. And so on. Except that such doom-mongery is nonsense. Quite the opposite is true, […]