Digital Marketing

22 June 2016

Why Even The Best Copy Their Competitors

You don't have to re-invent the wheel - often a good competitor analysis can do the trick.   When you’re developing a marketing strategy for your brand or...

17 June 2016

Shakespeare Live: Reuniting Marketing And Sales!

What marketing and sales teams can learn from Romeo and Juliet Tory vs Labour. Trump vs Sanders. Ali vs Foreman. Tom v Jerry. Our world is filled with rivals and adversaries...

13 June 2016

How To Be Successful In Content Marketing: The Art Of Finding And Delighting The Right Audience

Content marketing is a great way to generate leads, win new customers, and establish a thought leadership within your field of expertise. The problem is: all your efforts...

27 May 2016

The Hottest Online Marketing Tools For 2016

Have you ever tried putting together a BILLY bookshelf without a spanner? Don’t do it. In theory, it should look like this: The result of what you will...

25 May 2016

Presenting Marketing Outcomes Effectively (or How To Not Be Boring In Meetings)

Marketing Presentation Tips Their eyes met. He felt it right away. That feeling. There was a connection, something unspoken, intangible, but nevertheless electric. She...

11 May 2016

All You Need To Know About AdWords Ad Extensions (Part 2)

Don't be one of many. Stand out from the crowd with Ad Extensions. In my previous post I talked about AdWords Manual Ad Extensions and how to use them to take your paid...

25 April 2016

7 Quick Fixes For Your AdWords PPC Account

Way back when, I worked as a Digital Marketing Manager for a large travel company based in Surrey. Whilst I quickly realised that for me there’s nothing quite like the...

26 February 2016

Welcome To A Better Mobile Experience

Not content with deleting the sidebar ads from SERPs earlier this week, Google continues its fight for a better and faster mobile experience and launches Accelerated Mobile...

24 February 2016

What Does Google AdWords’ Removal Of The Sidebar Ads Really Mean?

The PPC industry was up in arms on Friday with Google’s announcement that the Sidebar (ads on the right of the desktop SERP) was being retired. From now on, for “highly...

18 February 2016

Storm Events: Join Us For Our Next Event In Leith!

Come join us on 15 March for Designing with Data, the second evening in our Storm Events series. We'll be talking about measuring site performance with simple metrics and...