Storm ID Discuss the Merits of Programmatic Buying

Storm’s Head of Paid Search, Steve Hope, will be part of a panel hosted by Rocket Fuel this Thursday at the Glasshouse Hotel in Edinburgh to discuss the benefits of programmatic buying. What is Programmatic Buying? Programmatic buying describes online display advertising that is aggregated, bought, analysed and optimised in real-time via demand side software […]

Customer Behaviour Online talk by Storm ID at Future of the Web Conference

Storm ID are looking forward to speaking at The Future of the Web conference, which is being held at the Sun Oracle offices in Linlithgow on Tuesday 11th November. This event looks to outline the implications that come with the ever evolving world of digital, presenting the opportunities and threats posed to businesses across, public, private and voluntary organisations. […]

Focusing Value in Display Advertising

Using data to target micro audiences One of the challenges in any advertising medium is how to target audiences to get the best response. Targeting broadly, like a form of carpet bombing, increases the chances of hitting the right audiences, but also means that you hit even more audiences that just aren’t ever going to […]

Making Content King Again

The King is Dead Web design as an industry has existed for about twenty years now, and websites have changed dramatically in that time. From simple, single page landing pages with some information marked up with HTML, tables and inline styles, to huge web based applications serving terabytes of information to millions of people worldwide […]

Facebook Positioning Itself to Take on YouTube?

Could Facebook be Positioning Itself to Take on YouTube as a Video Sharing Hub? Facebook is getting ever closer to offering brands the opportunity to deliver video ads to its huge 1 billion plus user base, but progress has been slow and the move may be accompanied by a wider change in strategy for video […]

The Internet is Really Really Great…

Oh great, another article about tracking and cookies. Well, yes, and I have frankly heard the arguments enough over the last few months, too. But why would anyone want to implement a law against cookies, and why might it be a good thing? Is it really all about behavioural advertising?

An Apps An App For A’ That

Last year, Storm ID helped The Scottish Government realise their ambitions to make the complete works of Robert Burns available, free of charge, on the iPhone for the very first time. This year we went a couple of steps further  in the run up to Burn’s night and brought the works of Scotland’s National Bard […]

QR Codes – Awesome or Awful?

Here are two important facts about QR codes. QR codes are an awesome mobile marketing opportunity. The way some businesses use QR codes is pretty far from awesome. Click to read how to use QR codes appropriately, and how to avoid some common mistakes.