Private Method Access Modifiers as Code Smells

There’s a couple of anti-patterns that I’ve noticed in my own code. Private methods are a code smell Private methods are not inherently bad, but they are a sign that you might be missing out on an opportunity to make a useful abstraction. If you have a private method that calls another private method, then […]

Storm ID Discuss the Merits of Programmatic Buying

Storm’s Head of Paid Search, Steve Hope, will be part of a panel hosted by Rocket Fuel this Thursday at the Glasshouse Hotel in Edinburgh to discuss the benefits of programmatic buying. What is Programmatic Buying? Programmatic buying describes online display advertising that is aggregated, bought, analysed and optimised in real-time via demand side software […]

Thank you Steve Jackson … mapping a digital marketing channel strategy

Just recently I have been reading Steve Jackson’s excellent Cult of Analytics: Driving Online Marketing Strategies using Web Analytics (2009). In this book, Steve usefully extended the original “REAN” model (see below) to web analytics as a way of defining a relevant and powerful set of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for an organisation to track […]

The problems in managing paid search keywords

As the ‘key’ element in any paid search campaign, it’s a shame just how much the concept of keywords is misunderstood. Unlike most other uses of the term ‘keyword’ – which often refers to them as elements of a search query string – in paid search, keywords are the tool used to match search queries, […]

Storm ID Team’s Digital Predictions 2014

Here are the Storm ID team’s Digital Predictions 2014 on what we think you should be keeping an eye on in 2014. We may not have the exact answers but we do have opinions, quite a few actually from new connected technologies to the realisation of the value of data – as the saying goes […]

Google Analytics: Tracking Visit Time

In a separate article I discussed how to compare time-related data to determine correlation. I thought it might be helpful to include a method for recording the server time to the visit using a custom variable.