19 May 2016

Mobile Network Accessibility – A Privilege For Smart Phone Users Only?

When it comes to accessibility in the context of digital, here at Storm ID we usually think about people with disabilities and what we can do to make our products and...

25 April 2016

7 Quick Fixes For Your AdWords PPC Account

Way back when, I worked as a Digital Marketing Manager for a large travel company based in Surrey. Whilst I quickly realised that for me there’s nothing quite like the...

11 April 2016

Storm ID double-nominated in the Scotland IS Awards

Storm ID is nominated for 2 Categories in the Scotland IS Awards 2016: Best Digital Agency and Best B2C Technology Service It is this time of the year again: everyone...

26 February 2016

Welcome To A Better Mobile Experience

Not content with deleting the sidebar ads from SERPs earlier this week, Google continues its fight for a better and faster mobile experience and launches Accelerated Mobile...

24 February 2016

What Does Google AdWords’ Removal Of The Sidebar Ads Really Mean?

The PPC industry was up in arms on Friday with Google’s announcement that the Sidebar (ads on the right of the desktop SERP) was being retired. From now on, for “highly...

18 February 2016

Storm Events: Join us for our Next Event in Leith!

Come join us on 15 March for Designing with Data, the second evening in our Storm Events series. We'll be talking about measuring site performance with simple metrics and...

21 January 2016

Digital Distribution of Healthcare Services

In a previous post we highlighted how organisations across many sectors have derived competitive advantage by owning the distribution channel for their products and services...

19 January 2016

From Distribution to Customer Experience

Starting a new business in any industry sector before the internet was hard. Really hard. It required not only a good product/service, a compelling price point with...

24 September 2015

Don’t let your UX be ruled by HiPPOs!

How to be a strong UX participant, and make your voice heard! The successful delivery of a User Experience-driven product or service depends on more than technical...

16 September 2015

How to Learn Technologies and Platforms using Development Playgrounds

As part of my induction to Storm ID as a Graduate Web Developer, I have had the chance to work on a small personal project to help me learn more about the technologies and...