Method Access Modifiers as Code Smells

There’s a couple of anti-patterns that I’ve noticed in my own code. Private methods are a code smell Private methods are not inherently bad, but they are a sign that you might be missing out on an opportunity to make a useful abstraction. If you have a private method that calls another private method, then […]

Storm ID Discuss the Merits of Programmatic Buying

Storm’s Head of Paid Search, Steve Hope, will be part of a panel hosted by Rocket Fuel this Thursday at the Glasshouse Hotel in Edinburgh to discuss the benefits of programmatic buying. What is Programmatic Buying? Programmatic buying describes online display advertising that is aggregated, bought, analysed and optimised in real-time via demand side software […]

Creative Destruction of Enterprise IT in 2015

Over the last three years Storm have worked on a number of digital transformation programmes for clients in healthcare, financial services, publishing, logistics, business services and public services. This work has been characterised by the design, build, deployment and maintenance of transactional digital services that integrate with back office systems. Delivered using agile methodologies with […]

Open Data & new Drink Driving Law

At Storm we support open data for a number of reasons. Data that is open: has significant potential for re-use in other digital services will help the discovery of new and innovative solutions to societal problems; can drive efficiencies by enabling frictionless sharing of information between public bodies can help foster participation of citizens in […]

Web designers: consider using a bad monitor

That’s an odd thing to suggest, isn’t it? We digital designers love us some shiny tech. From Retina MacBook pros or the new 5K iMacs to the latest hi-res displays from Samsung or Dell, what we view our work on is important to us, for better or worse. There’s only one problem: most people don’t have fancy […]

Storm ID Appointed as Digital Consultant to SQA

In November 2014 Storm ID was appointed to undertake a review of the digital services currently being offered by the Scottish Qualifications Authority and provide recommendations of how the organisation will meet the evolving customer and organisation needs, with the focus being on helping to shape the long term strategy for the digital services being […]

On adaptive design

There’s some confusion from some of our clients about what adaptive design really is and if, when and how it should be used. Responsive design is all but the industry standard at this point, but what about adaptive? Originally the term adaptive design was used to describe layouts which were very similar to responsive layouts, but […]

Storm Appointed to Redesign & Build Historic Scotland Digital Services

In 2015 the Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Scotland (RCAHMS) and Historic Scotland will become fully integrated to form Historic Environment Scotland (HES) to deliver on the Scottish Governments vision for the Historic Environment. The purpose of the project is to design and develop a digital platform that will support the […]