John Hughes

15 September 2015

Programmatic Display

Ignore Audiences if you Want to Do it Right Banner ads suck. Who clicks them anyway? I don’t want to see ads for things I’m not interested in when I’m trying to read...

2 September 2015

What the Vikings Can Teach Us about Brand

Bluetooth is a well-known technology in the 21st Century. The symbol for Bluetooth is recognisable on many devices, from cars and mobile phones, to PCs and tablets. It is...

25 August 2015

Full Stack Marketing 2015 – the Rundown

How I Missed the Best Gig of my Life The date was 1st December 1991, and I’d spent the day at University attending lectures (for once!) and getting some groceries. I...

7 August 2015

How to Combat Referral Spam in Google Analytics!

Referral spam in Google Analytics has been a growing issue, and one that has affected most accounts at some point in the last few months. It results in odd data appearing...

6 June 2014

Focusing Value in Display Advertising

Using data to target micro audiences One of the challenges in any advertising medium is how to target audiences to get the best response. Targeting broadly, like a form...

23 April 2014

New York Police Department demonstrates the real power of the hashtag

The New York Police Department recently started a campaign to raise their profile on Twitter, with the aim of boosting their image. The plan was to ask people to tweet...

2 December 2013

Google Analytics: Tracking Visit Time

In a separate article I discussed how to compare time-related data to determine correlation. I thought it might be helpful to include a method for recording the server...

29 November 2013

The correlation of time-mapped data between TV impacts and website visits

Google Analytics is an excellent tracking tool for determining click-through paths and their resulting behaviour. But what if you wanted to determine the effect of something...

15 October 2013

Combining multiple data sources for better business intelligence

Google Analytics is an excellent tool for understanding how users interact with your website or mobile app. The user interface has improved dramatically over the last couple...